"Honda Reaches Record Breaking Milestone In 2017 "

Over 4 Million Honda Vehicles Sold In Canada

Since 1969, Honda Canada Inc. (HCI) has produced more than 7.8 million cars and light trucks at our two manufacturing facilities. Today, we're proud to announce that Honda has exceeded over 4 Million Sales in Canada with 2 Million of those sales being the Civic, Canada's best selling passenger car 19 years in a row. Together, Honda Canada has been providing Canadians with reliability, longevity and years of driving enjoyment with our Honda vehicles. We have been able to achieve this milestone by abiding by our philosophies and focusing on being a manufacturer that Canadians are able to feel proud of.

We'd like to recognize the efforts of every Honda Ambassador, as well as all of the people who have advocated for our brand over the last 48 years. We have been able to achieve this milestone from your support, dedication, and loyalty to our brand. Today we are proud to celebrate over 4 Million Honda's sold across Canada!

Honda Canada Milestones 

  •  1969 – Honda Canada is founded
  • 1973 – The Civic launches in Canada
  • 1976 – The Accord launches in Canada
  • 1986 – Honda opens its automobile factory in Alliston, Ontario – the 1st automobile manufacturing plan opened by a Japanese company in Canada. The Accord is the first car manufactured.
  • 1990 – Honda sells more than 100,000 cars in Canada during the calendar year – the first of the “new” manufacturers to do so.
  •  2008 – Honda Canada Inc. celebrates the sale of its three-millionth vehicle in Canada
  •  2009 – Honda celebrates its 40th anniversary and manufactures Honda Canada’s five-millionth vehicle
  •  2012 – The Honda Civic is Canada’s best-selling car for 15 years in a row.
  • 2016 – Honda Automobile Division sets an all-time sales record of 166,449
  • 2017 – Honda Canada Inc. celebrates the sale of its two-millionth Civic in Canada

Thank You To All Our Customers For Your Continued Loyalty!