New Year, With New Features

The all-new 2018 Honda Odyssey has been completely redesigned and re-envisioned. The new Odyssey has definitely been designed to be a winner amongst young families looking for a "cool" and "fun" minivan to drive. This new Odyssey is packed with more features and technology than ever before. Some of the most talked about features in the 2018 Odyssey are Honda's new CabinWatch™ rear seat monitor and CabinTalk™ in-car PA system. CabinWatch™ is designed to help you keep a bird’s eye view on passengers in the rear, while maintaining safe driving habits at the front. The Cabin Talk™ system is designed to give you the ability to communicate with rear seat passengers with ease.

How to Use CabinWatch™

Cabin Watch is an available feature on select all-new 2018 Honda Odyssey models. This new feature makes it extremely convenient to monitor passengers in the rear, especially young children. This feature is a very first for Honda, and a first for any minivan in the segment. To use Cabin Watch, it's as easy as touching the icon on the vehicles audio home screen.

The Cabin Watch camera is rear-facing and mounted in the ceiling, just in front of the Odyssey's rear entertainment screen. Using this camera, drivers can keep tabs on rear seat passengers during the day or night with automatic night-vision mode when the sun goes down. With the Odyssey's high cargo capacity and seating for seven or eight, Cabin Watch gives you the ability to keep an eye and everything and everyone in the rear safely and efficiently.

How to Use CabinTalk™

CabinTalk™ joins with CabinWatch™ and allows the driver or passenger in the front seats to talk to rear passengers through a microphone over the vehicles built in PA system. CabinTalk™ will even work when kids have their rear-entertainment headphones on.

This new feature will even mute audio and pause video being played on the vehicles rear entertainment screen from the Blu-ray player and some streaming apps to grab the kid’s attention. However, this system will not be able to pause video being played from an external device (i.e. HDMI/Flash drive) but will mute all audio. To use this feature, simply tap the icon on the display audio screen for "Cabin Talk". This will bring up your Cabin Talk dashboard and conveniently, a Cabin Talk icon will also be displayed when Cabin Watch is activated on the screen for easy access.