Using The 2017 CR-V’s Power Tailgate

The new 2017 Honda CR-V is equipped with more new technology than ever before. All new 2017 CR-V’s come standard with features like proximity key entry with push button start, walk-away door locks, remote engine starter and the Honda Sensing suite of technologies.

One of the most sought after available features is the CR-V’s new power tailgate available on EX-L trims with standard Hands free access available on Touring trims. This new system makes it easier to load, unload, and access your trunk with ease while your hands are full!

To use the CR-V’s power tailgate the smart entry remote must be with you in close proximity to the vehicle. When the remote is with you, it will unlock the tailgate by pushing on the quick release button just above the rear license plate. In addition, pressing the tailgate button on the remote will power open or power close the tailgate. There is also an easy access power close button on the bottom edge of the tailgate as well.

Holding The Tailgate in Position

The Power tailgate is also equipped with a progressive stop feature for times when you don’t want the tailgate to open all the way, like in small spaces. After the tailgate opening sequence has been initiated, simply stop the tailgate by pressing the tailgate button on the remote again and it will hold the tailgate in place until the closing sequence has been initiated.

Programming Tailgate Height

The CR-V’s power tailgate can also be programmed to open at a certain height every single time to avoid contact with a low ceiling or just to make it easier to reach for shorter individuals. While the tailgate is powering open, stop it at the desired height by pressing the button on the remote or by pressing the button on the bottom of the tailgate. Once you’ve found your desired height, press and hold the tailgate close button until two beeps are heard. Your tailgate is now programmed to open at the same height every time. To reset your tailgate to open at maximum height, simply open the tailgate and wait until it has stopped. Once stopped push up gently to extend the tailgate to its factory height then press and hold the power close button until a double beep is heard. Once completed the tailgate is now reset to open at the maximum height.

Hands Free Tailgate Access

Touring models are equipped with the Hands free access feature which is very convenient to use when both hands are occupied. With the Smart Entry remote in your possession simply approach the rear or the vehicle making a soft kicking motion under the rear center of the vehicles bumper. There is a censor under the vehicle that will detect this motion and power open the tailgate with ease. Using the same technique will also power the tailgate closed. Be sure to make a straight forward motion, as a side to side kicking motion may not work. If you are adding a trailer hitch to a model with hands free access, it is important to have it installed at a certified Honda dealership as we have the current knowledge and parts to properly install the hitch while moving the sensor. With the trailer hitch installed, the sensor would be moved to the right of the hitch. it is important to remember to make your kicking motion to the right side in this case. To ensure optimal performance during snowy or rainy weather conditions it is important to clean the sensor periodically.

If you have any questions about the 2017 CR-V Power Tailgate With Hands free Access feature, please contact us vis an option below!